Fall Fun and Fruit

The fall season at Hoxsie's Farm Market brings a list of family fun activities, healthy fruit and vegetables, and educational opportunities for our guests here at the farm.

Family activities include:

Our 4 acre Corn Maze: Find clues in the maze and win a prize or just walk through and listen to the corn leaves blowing in the fall breeze.

Farm Wagon Rides: On weekends, climb aboard the farm wagon and ride to the u-pick pumpkin patch, u-pick apple orchard, corn maze or just enjoy the ride.

Play in the Big Red Barn: Relive the fun of life on the farm as you play on the haystack, swing on the ropes, or just relax and enjoy our historic barn.

Pick Your Own Apples: Choose from 7 varieties of apples for eating, baking, or making apple sauce. The whole family can enjoy the experience of choosing the perfect Macintosh, Gala, Cortland, Golden Delicious, Ida Red or Northern Spy apples. Honey Crisp apples are not available for u-pick due to their very fragile nature.

Pick You Own Pumpkins: Every year we plant a large pumpkin patch with several varieties of pumpkins so that everyone in the family can find their own special pumpkin. Pumpkins are also available at the Farm Market.

Apple Cannons: Try your target shooting skills with our two apple cannons. Grab a container of apples, drop one into the launch chamber, take aim at the giant targets that are over 200 feet way, pull the trigger, and watch the apples fly. You will know if you have made a direct hit. This activity is only available for family fun on weekends from 10 AM until 4PM. Reserve the cannons during the week by appointment by calling 231-620-5103.

Healthy fruit revolves around our apple orchard in the fall. We have many varieties of apples available at our Farm Market during the fall season as well as 6 varieties in our u-pick orchard. We grow 12 different varieties of winter squash for your eating pleasure along with many interesting gourds for your decorating pleasure. Sample all the different tastes and textures that are characteristic of this classic vegetable.

During the week, we offer educational farm tours to our apple orchard, pumpkin patch and historic barn for school children and other groups. Tours must be booked in advance by calling 231-620-5103.

Tour hours are 10 am to 4 pm daily. We are open daily from 9-6, Monday-Saturday, and Sundays 9-5. For more information, click on Farm Tours.

Fall Fruit
Fall Fruit
Fall Fruit