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Our History

Larry & Verna Hoxsie In the 1950's and early 1960's, tourists were discovering the beauty of northern Michigan's fresh water, sand dunes and rolling hills filled with tart and sweet cherry orchards. Verna Hoxsie and her husband Larry had been living on the family farm in Bates, along the heavily traveled highway M-72, since 1948.

In 1960, the farm included 100 acres of cherries along with a herd of Jersey dairy cattle. That year, the Traverse City area experienced an abundant crop of sweet cherries and Verna and Larry decided it was time to share some of this beautiful and tasty fruit with these visitors who traveled to the area from all parts of Michigan, Ohio, Illinois and Indiana. Together with their 3 young sons and new baby daughter, they began selling fresh sweet cherries at their "cherry stand" (a simple picnic table) to the passing motorists. Before long, customers could also purchase fresh baked cherry pies and homemade cherry jam and jelly that was made in Verna’s kitchen.

In 1977 another small stand was added on the south side of M-72 about ¾ mile east of their existing stand. As the business grew, the need for a larger market became obvious, and in 1981, the current market building was constructed.

Denny & Judy HoxsieVerna and Larry, along with sons Denny and Ted, their wives Judy and Gayla, and daughter Jennie operated the market for 19 years until 2000 when their oldest son Denny and his wife Judy took responsibility for the daily operations. In 2014 the cherry orchards were sold and the decision was made to discontinue selling cherries. The fall operation continues to grow and sell apples and pumpkins along with conducting our farm tours at our farm market.

Today, Denny and Judy, their two daughters, two grandchildren and their dedicated staff are ready to greet and serve you as you shop, smell, taste, and enjoy the farm experience at Hoxsie’s Farm Market.

Come "GROW WITH US" at Hoxsie's Farm Market.